Let your stuffed animals chat.

Pechat is a button-shaped chat speaker for stuffed animals.

You can act as the stuffed animal to chat with your child using a smartphone app.

You can tell secrets, sing songs together, encourage naps and much more. Enjoy the infinite possibilities that it has to offer.

Pechat is the ultimate communication tool for children and parents.

It will surely become the next generation toy that will bring joy to and assist child-rearing.

how to chat

You can make the stuffed animal speak
using a smartphone app.

There are 4 chat options.

Voice Chat

You can act as the stuffed animal to chat with your child.

Text Chat

It reads aloud what you type in a charming voice.

Tap Chat

You can make it speak pre-recorded phrases, songs and stories.

Auto Chat

It responds to voice by nodding or mimicking phrases.


Smart Voice Changer

It changes mommy's voice, daddy's voice, and even the voice that reads aloud the texts into the same charming tone.


You can set the alarm to wake up or set schedule
reminders with your favorite phrases.

Cry Detector

It detects when your child is crying,
and notifies you on your smartphone.


Its button-shaped
design is suitable for
all stuffed animals.

No need to change batteries;
it is rechargeable.

You can sew it on or
use a safety pin to attach it.

Being 2 inch in diameter,
the size is safe even for babies.


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contact us from the email below: